José Pizarro has been lucky enough to have written two of his own critically – acclaimed cookery books, as well has having contributed to several others too.

In his first two books, published by Kyle Books in 2009 & 2012,  José was able to highlight the wonderful larder that Spain has to offer. He counts the ingredients found in Spain as some of the finest in the world and has travelled across Spain collecting is favourite recipes. In both books, he celebrates classic Spanish dishes, but also focuses on twists on classics and modern interpretations, all of which are easy to recreate at home.

In praise of José’s books…..

‘Pizarro’s charming debut explores the country’s regions and is embellished with lovely anecdotes about his rural upbringing.’ The Independent

‘Enticing’ Time Out, Book of the Week

‘José is one of a handful of people who have made London into one of the best places in London to eat Spanish food.’ Rick Stein

In Catalonia, José Pizarro travels from the impressive Gaudi architecture in buzzy Barcelona, to the Roman and Greek ruins in Girona and secluded beaches in Costa Brava to create some of the best-loved dishes from the Catalonian region at home.

If you visit the Basque Country, you will undoubtedly fall in love. Located on the Spanish-French border in Northern Spain, it is home to some of the world's finest restaurants, spectacular modern architecture and dramatic scenery. In Basque, José Pizarro will take readers on a journey around this magical place, taking inspiration from traditional dishes and local ingredients, and adding his own unique twist. From the delicious bite-sized morsels known as pintxos Basque-style tapas to more hearty main meals and sumptuous desserts, José will show you how easy it is to prepare Spanish food at home. The cuisine of this region is wonderful to share with family and friends but it's also about informality and not being a slave to your stove. Set to the backdrop of the stunning views of San Sebastián and the rest of the Basque Country, Basque is a culinary jaunt around one of Spain's most colourful and exciting destinations.

José Pizarro's second book, Spanish Flavours, stunning dishes inspired by the regional ingredients of Spain

José Pizarro's first book shows off his enthusiasm for Spanish ingredients and flavours, permeating every page and giving you a true taste of Spanish cooking at its simplest and best

by Simone and Inés Ortega This book really does contain 1080 recipes from all Spanish regions for everything: appetizers through to desserts. It was produced nearly 40 years ago and is a classic that can be found, well-worn, on the shelves of millions of homes in Spain. In this version, every recipe has been updated for English-speaking markets, with new illustrations by the famous Spanish graphic designer and illustrator, Javier Mariscal and 104 specially commissioned photographs. This is a must-have for anyone who likes real Spanish home cooking.