Think of Spanish ingredients and you conjure up some of the best produce in the world: extra – virgin olive oil, juicy tomatoes, spicy chorizo, jamón ibérico, fresh seafood, Manchego cheese, piquillo peppers and outstanding wine. With these, and many more exceptional ingredients, José Pizarro take you through the seasons offering a collection of recipes that you will make time and time again. From dishes cooked for him by his mother to combinations he has perfected in his own restaurant, each recipe is simple in composition and easy to master.

‘Pizarro’s cooking captures pure Spanish cooking.’ Mark Hix

‘This is a really lovely book, written from the heart. The pictures evoke a real sense of Spain.’ Angela Hartnett

‘The integrity of Pizarro’s cooking, based on his love of exceptional produce, doesn’t just satisfy my palate, but also thrills me.’ Elena Arzak

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