Moser and José Pizarro crystal sherry glasses


José Pizarro had long wondered about the strange way of serving sherry in Britain, where the little tulip-shaped glasses do not by far let sherry to show all of its rich flavour and aroma, therefore the masters of glassworks and kitchen put their heads (and hands) together and here it is: MOSER & JOSÉ PIZARRO crystal piece, a glass that allows for a more authentic experience of drinking sherry the way the Spanish like it.

Hand-blown, cut and crafted, the Pizarro glass from Moser is an absolutely unique design, and only three hundred of them have been produced. All are signed by José Pizarro. 

The glass has been endorsed by the Consejo Regulador who control all things sherry:,“We are delighted with this glass designed by José Pizarro and Moser which positions sherry in the very high standards this wine deserves. We do believe that the drinking experience of Sherry will be enhanced with this special glass and, as the Sherry Regulatory Council, we are happy to endorse it.” Consejo Regulador de Jerez.