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José Tapas Bar


104 Bermondsey Street

London, SE1 3UB

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Pizarro Restaurant


194 Bermondsey Street

London, SE1 3TQ

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José Pizarro

Broadgate Circle

36 Broadgate Circle

London, EC2M 2QS

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José Pizarro

The Swan Inn Esher

2 Hare Lane, Esher

Surrey, KT10 9BS

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"I’ve always taken an interest in food, as it was such a big part of my family life – my parents had a farm, and each morning they would go to collect the produce that we would then eat at home. The smell of a fresh tomato...nothing like it! I’m from a small town in rural Spain, so food is a huge part of our culture. I’m not sure I was a great help, but the first dish I remember ‘helping’ with is lentil stew – my mum would let them cook for what seemed like days & I think I was allowed to stir every now & again!" José Pizarro

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josera1.jpeg 21 Jul 2021

José Pizarro is opening two restaurants at the Royal Academy

Famed Spanish chef José Pizarro is opening in the centre of London for the first time - with two new restaurants at the Royal Academy.

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jose-pizarro-lbb-2.jpeg 25 May 2021


Originally from Spain, José Pizarro has lived in London for over 20 years, and is often described as the ‘godfather of Spanish cooking’ in the UK.

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4717.jpeg 17 Jan 2021

Berenjak and Pizarro: ‘It tastes of somewhere else’ – two meal kit reviews

Two excellent meal kit delivery services will help transport you elsewhere… if only for dinner

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