josemoser.webp 11 Mar 2020

Top chef José Pizarro talks about his mother’s stew, and making food so good it makes his diners frisky

Each week we ask a top chef about their life in food. This week: José Pizarro. Who are you?  I am José Pizarro, a Spanish chef who calls London home after living here for 20 years.

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paella guardian.jpg 10 Mar 2020

How do I make authentic paella?

Wars have been fought over less controversial issues, but the secret of a proper paella lies in its humble Valencian origins

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jamon.jpeg 7 Feb 2020

My Addresses: chef José Pizarro on Extremadura

Where to find the region’s classic dishes, fig ice cream, and handmade yemas

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sopabullabesa.jpeg 3 Jan 2020

Sopa bullabesa de Almeria (Spanish seafood stew) recipe

Adapt this dish using different fish and seafood, as this depends entirely on the season and what you can get from your fishmonger – fresh and seasonal ingredients will always make a superior soup. Prep time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 30 minutes

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negroni espanol.jpg 20 Dec 2019

Cocktail of the week: José Pizarro's negroni Español

A vibrant, festive aperitivo – enjoy over ice with a pear garnish

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_Q7B9923-2.jpg 15 Dec 2019


“Esher has made my dream come true,” exclaims José Pizarro as he announces he is turning the Swan Inn into a “Spanish Pub.”

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room2small.jpg 8 Nov 2019

8/10 Telegraph expert rating José Pizaro The Swan Inn

José Pizarro, the celebrity chef from Extremadura, has brought his Spanish small plates to this casual countryside restaurant and pub with rooms in rural Surrey.

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foodheroes.jpg 8 May 2019


José Pizarro, the Spanish-born, UK based chef is one of three new ‘local food heroes’ partnering with P&O Cruises on Iona, the line’s latest ship, which is set to launch in 2020.

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_R4A3670.1.jpg 23 Mar 2019

The Telegraph review for José Pizarro The Swan Inn

Keith Miller reviews The Swan, Surrey: a masterclass in Spanish simplicity

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