Inside the painting-packed house of the art world’s favourite chef

Even though his partner has banned him from buying any more crystal decanters, the superstar Spanish chef José Pizarro can’t stop acquiring fine art. And he’s run out of wall space. Pizarro, 52, and Peter Meades, 51, a psychotherapist, moved to their house in Southwark four years ago after the reality of living in Bermondsey so close to Pizarro’s restaurants got too much.

“We had people calling up really late after dinner, coming over for drinks,” says Meades, while Pizarro recalls that the place had just become an extension of his businesses: “I had an office in the space, so there was no division of work and home. We obviously have big dinner parties and entertain here a lot, but it’s about being social in a much more planned and controlled way. The other place was more of a bachelor pad — amazing, and great for parties, but not homely.”

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