Are you planning a wedding, work party, or hosting an event at your home? Have you already secured a venue, but want to impress your guests with the most sought-after tapas in the UK?

Look no further than the José Pizarro team! We offer a variety of services, including arranging for a Cinco Jotas Jamón carver or a delicious selection of Spanish cheeses, as well as a full menu of canapés or sit-down style dishes, all expertly crafted by our creative chefs. Our passion is bringing people together through the enjoyment of exceptional Spanish cuisine and drinks.

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100% acorn fed Jamón Ibérico, giant paella or Spanish cheese. Give your party wow-factor with an interactive food station from José Pizarro.
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If socializing is a priority, we suggest organizing a lovely canapé reception that includes a variety of traditional or sophisticated tapas.
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From an intimate night in for friends and family, to a sit-down Spanish dinner for 200+ guests for weddings. Premium menus prepared by skilled chefs

Experience the 5J 100% Acorn fed Jamón Ibérico station

Jamón is not only a delicious food, it’s an A-R-T. We can provide a Cinco Jotas Jamón Ibérico carving service for weddings and parties. Supported in a ceramic elegant ham stand, or Jamonero, our skilled Jamón carver will carve your Jamón in front of your guests. Not only does our Jamón Ibérico cutting station provide delicious Iberian ham to your guests, but it also serves as the perfect interactive centerpiece for any wedding or private event. Guests will be able to watch as their slices of ham are skilfully carved and served, adding an extra layer of entertainment and enjoyment to the event. £1700 per carved Iberian ham. We suggest one leg for every 80-100 guests. email to book a JP carver for your next event.

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Experience the traditional giant Spanish paella station

Impress your guests with our "GIANT PAELLA" Treat yourself and your guests to a memorable garden party, whether it's a grand event or an intimate gathering, at your home, workplace, or a rented location, our "Paella Catering" will create a fantastic talking point for your guests. The caterer needs an open space to set up before service. We will provide all the necessary equipment, including gas, as well as all the required food ingredients. Service plates and cutlery can be rented from José Pizarro's restaurants or supplied by the event organizer. £25 per person, maximum of two giant paellas per service. One giant paella serves 35-40 guests. £300 for a paella cooking class. Email to book a Giant paella for your next event.

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Experience the Spanish cheese station

Our Spanish cheese station features the best cheeses that we offer at our restaurants. A cheese station is an essential and highly sought-after option for stand-up events, buffet dinners, and cocktail hours before sit-down dinners. It provides a charmingly rustic, impeccably clean, and delectable service that is sure to impress. Our Event Manager will visit your chosen location to plan the optimal layout for your special event. Our on-site chef will prepare platters to be served to your guests during the reception. £15 per person. Email to book a cheese station for your next event.

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Private and corporate canapés catering

Canapés reception or seated dinners, with private catering, we’re all yours. At our restaurant, we take pride in serving the best Spanish food made with fresh, seasonal, quality ingredients and keeping dishes simple. At our parties, we offer a fun selection of tapas or a family-style feast, emphasizing the connection that food brings through sharing.

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1. How many canapés should I order?

We suggest ordering a variety of eight to eleven canapes including desserts.

We always suggest serving more of our most loved tapas like croquetas.

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2. How do you serve canapes?

Our team serves canapes accompanied by cocktail napkins, while the kitchen delivers tapas simultaneously.

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3. What types of canapés do you offer?

Our menu is categorized into sections such as cold, hot, tartlet, bowl, and dessert. We recommend mixing and matching dishes for a seamless dining experience.


Our team has created two inspiring menus based on our experience to assist you in selecting your canapés. The Tapeo at £40 per guest and the Luxuria at £90 per guest. (minimum of 40 guests) The menus are simply a guide. We are happy to customize a menu for any desired experience.

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Weddings, parties, and Spanish feasts.

Our catering and planning services have helped many couples celebrate their wedding day with a Spanish flair. Our private catering offering ranges from an intimate night in for friends and family with a 3-course meal, to a sit-down Spanish dinner for 200+ guests for weddings. We are proud to take the Pizarro experience anywhere you'd like.

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1. How many courses should I order?

We suggest ordering a selection of tapas, followed by main courses to share and individual desserts, a family-style meal!

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2. How do you cater for dietary?

We will design a menu that offers a wide variety of options. However, all dietary requirements are catered to individually.
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3. How do I find the perfect venue?

We can bring the Pizarro experience anywhere you'd like, our team will assist you with the equipment hire to host a full dinner.


3-course and Spanish feast menus

Allow our team to help you plan a sit-down dinner, our set menus include several courses served in an interactive sharing style. The perfect menu should include all the favourite dishes you enjoyed at our venues, however, we have created two menus to guide you. The 3-course menu start at £60 per guest and the Spanish feast at £90 per guest. (minimum of 40 guests). The menus are simply a guide. We are happy to customize a menu for any desired experience.